About the Author

Herbert McArthur was born in Soddy Daisy Tennessee. He has a very unique birthday because his birthday comes every four years. He was born a leap year baby and celebrates his birthday on the 28th more than he does on the 29th of February each year. He moved to Miami at about the age of 2 years old and has lived in Miami ever since. He is the sole survivor of 4 siblings who all passed away of chronic diseases and lives with his wife and 94 year old mother. He gave his life to Christ in 1994 hoping that God would listen to his prayers asking God to heal his brother after his brother suffered a massive stroke. Little did Herbert know that God had other plans for him as God began to show him his love, grace and tender mercy. Throughout his life the Lord drew him closer and closer to himself and he is a witness to several miracles the Lord his God has done for him. This book is about Herbert’s most recent miracle, a divine true story about God’s healing touch and how God healed Herbert’s body from a chronic and debilitating disease. A disease that affects over 400 million people per year and many die from it. His hope is that people will be inspired to trust God in all situations in their lives.